Vicki Lindner

Vicki Lindner is a writer, teacher, and world traveler, who began writing for New Jersey newspapers when she was sixteen. Since then, she has written about difficult journeys, cooking, teaching, the writing process, family, politics, nature, ghost towns, medical malpractice, life in the Rocky Mountain West, and race. She has published a novel, Outlaw Games, (Dial Press), travel pieces, personal essays, short stories, and opinion columns in newspapers, popular magazines, literary journals and anthologies. With a New York psychotherapist she co-authored Unbalanced Accounts: Why Women are Afraid of Money, (Atlantic Monthly Press, Viking Penguin, and Allworth Press) about women’s psychological relationship to money, featured in magazine articles, newspaper columns, and on television, including the Oprah Winfrey Show. She has won a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, two New York State fellowships for fiction, two Wyoming fellowships for creative nonfiction, many residency awards, as well as a PEN/NEA Syndicated Fiction Prize. She is putting the finishing touches on Baby, It’s You, an early ‘sixties memoir about her forbidden four-year love relationship with the only African American in her New Jersey high school.  A New Yorker, who moved to Laramie to teach creative writing at The University of Wyoming, she now lives on Capitol Hill in Denver with her long-time companion, Richard Jacobi. She teaches at Lighthouse Writers Workshop and in the Denver University Enrichment Program.  As she mentors other writers, she practices Iyengar Yoga, studies Jungian psychology, and serves as an adviser for Writing for Peace. She is a member of PEN American Center, Boulder Women’s Media, and The Colorado Author’s League.